Friday, 6 July 2012

Moon Dog Black Lung Porter

Time for a big smoked porter from the generally insane crew at Moon Dog.

The pour is black true to form, but generated next to no head at all regardless of how much it was encouraged to do so. I'd read reports of overcarbonation from this line elsewhere, perhaps it is a bottle problem as if anything it was slightly the opposite here.

The nose on this really took me back to xeRRex, although the peat character did mellow somewhat by the second day. There's a little choc roast note that strengthens over time in return.

Taste-wise, the peat is there alright but it's nowhere near the pungency or oiliness of that previous entrant. In this formation it combines with the roast, the tobacco throat curl, and the chocolate nature to deliver a more balanced experience. I can't say the palate was too impressive though, it was kind of heavy going throughout and never a really compelling brew. Not much bourbon evident either despite the barrelling technique employed.

An experience beer, of a sort - but I think there are better efforts in both the sane and insane smoked porter brackets. 5.0

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